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Wedding Themes

Planning and making decisions for your overseas wedding can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult experience to say the least!
One easy way to bring your whole wedding experience and wedding planning together and a way to bring complete coherency to your day is to choose a “ THEME “ for your wedding.
Now, this can be a simple idea such as a colour, a certain type of flower, a mutual hobby you both have, to something more complex such as a “time era” theme, i.e a 60´s wedding, a medieval feast wedding etc .
This theme can then be used right from the beginning of your planning to influence your choice of invitations, choice of venue, type of wedding transport, dress code, choice of flowers, decoration to even the style of photography and more importantly the whole ambience of your wedding. It can be entwined into all the elements that make up your day to help create a very personal yet unified event.
Let your guests know the theme when they receive their invitations so they can play w…

New wedding planner in Ibiza

We are often asked for weddings in Spain, so we're glad to announce that Whatever Ibiza has now joined marryabroad - offering a wonderful choice of different wedding ceremonies on the "White Island".
For those of you considering a wedding on Ibiza, Candida from Whatever Ibiza has put together the following information to help you make up your mind.

Years ago ,before the island became famous for being the nightlife capital of Europe, and a magnet for thousands of tourists looking for sunshine and sandy beaches , this little jewel of an island was a haven of beautiful countryside, friendly cheerful locals, excellent cuisine and blessed with an unspoilt mediteranean lifestyle. It was named the “white island “ because of its appearance and beauty in spring time with the white almond blossom looking like a white blanket over the countryside.
What few people know today, is that this pure and simple country island lifestyle can still be found, making Ibiza this the ideal location …

New Countries and Wedding Planners for a New Year!

To go with the start of a brand new year, we are happy to announce that several new wedding professionals have joined Marry Abroad for the start of 2008. Take a look below to see who's who!

It may be on the other side of the world, but Sydney is a fabulous wedding location if you're willing to fly that far. Elise Thomson is an Australian celebrant who has recently joined marry abroad and would be delighted to send you a quote for your wedding "down under". You can find her contact details on our Australian weddings page.

For those couples dreaming of a fairytale wedding take a look at Vienna Weddings on our Austrian weddings page, for an extra special wedding you can even marry in a palace! Or for the perfect winter wedding, exchange your vows in the snow.....please contact Michaela for more details.

Canada is another ideal location year-round, and western Canada makes a wonderfully scenic wedding destination. Lisa Hanslip is based in Calgary and with her company The W…