Wedding Themes

Planning and making decisions for your overseas wedding can be a time consuming and sometimes difficult experience to say the least!
One easy way to bring your whole wedding experience and wedding planning together and a way to bring complete coherency to your day is to choose a “ THEME “ for your wedding.
Now, this can be a simple idea such as a colour, a certain type of flower, a mutual hobby you both have, to something more complex such as a “time era” theme, i.e a 60´s wedding, a medieval feast wedding etc .
This theme can then be used right from the beginning of your planning to influence your choice of invitations, choice of venue, type of wedding transport, dress code, choice of flowers, decoration to even the style of photography and more importantly the whole ambience of your wedding. It can be entwined into all the elements that make up your day to help create a very personal yet unified event.
Let your guests know the theme when they receive their invitations so they can play with it as they wish !
Here are a few ideas of topical wedding themes that can be incorporated easily into overseas weddings.

- Sunflowers & Daisies (perfect for a summer wedding)
- Metals - Silver & Blue, Gold & Brown, Bronze & Orange (choosing two contrasts adds both interest and flexibility to any theme)
- Beach Theme (an obvious choice!)
- White Linen (relaxed and summery)
- Black & White (ask your guests to dress to this colour code for some very striking group photos!)
- Different shades of the same colour (dress three or four bridesmaids each in different tones to be different)
- Vintage (a dream for the bride to choose a unique vintage style wedding dress & more)
- Nautical (crisp and clean theme can be easily created)

These are just a few ideas to wet your appetite and to get you thinking creatively. Let us know what themes you are thinking of having and what original ideas you have come up with to make your wedding have that unique “WOW” factor!

This article was written by Candida Jane Blaxall who runs, wedding planners in Ibiza - you can find her on our Spain weddings page


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