Top tips on colour

Get inspiration from your surroundings. Use the time of year when you will be getting married to guide you with available colour schemes of food and places or history and it’s characters and of course Mother Nature.

The autumn shades and creams flatter brunettes and redheads with most brunettes looking fabulous in champagne or ivory and redheads looking particularly stunning in red.

Ice-cool colours such as silver, blue and lilac will look sensational on Blonde-haired blue-eyed brides.

The paler the complexion of the bride, the warmer the colour she should wear. Be warned that pale colours will cause pale skin to have a ‘grey’ tone. If the bride insists on wearing a pale colour she should enhance it with accents of warm colours in her make-up and bridal bouquet.

Do not let other peoples’ superstition get in the way of the colours you choose. Most brides will tell you that it is unlucky to marry in green but nowadays brides are experimenting with costumes from the past and should you choose a medieval wedding theme for example, greens and earth reds were the colours used during that time due to the dyes available. So go with your instincts when it comes to choosing the right dress and colour for you

Make sure you try on as many styles and in as many colours as possible. Do not be influenced by what you think you should wear and go with what you know suits you and more importantly what you like. Remember you are the person who will be wearing the dress not your mother, sister, mother-in-law or future husband.

For the groom it is hot to wear colours! You can go bold and wear a coloured suit or just add accents of colour with the waistcoat and tie. White is a very big trend this year and we are seeing more grooms taking the plunge.

As with the bride, the groom can also enhance his features by wearing a complimentary colour. Redheads with pale skin will look great in a white linen suit with aqua and green accents.

Sandy hair and blue eyes will be complimented by more of the same in natural fabrics.

Chestnut hair and hazel eyes always look fantastic wearing a grey linen suit with lilac and pink.

Dark skin and hair tones make an ideal match for cherry colours and khaki. The trend is for the groom NOT to wear a formal suit but a funky linen suit that completes the colour theme and looks great.

This article was written by Jacqui from Magic Moments Malta - take a look at her website on our Malta weddings page for more magical ideas.


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