Perfect Wedding Attire for the Bride and Groom

You’ve all heard the saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. But what does it really mean and where does it come from? It’s a superstition that has become tradition for most brides around the world.

Although wedding dresses are not considered to be a fashion statement, styles, fabrics and colours do change from season to season. A few years ago the trend in bridal wear was LACE, but as it is also a classically elegant look it will never date. Many of the styles available were a very sleek dress with a lace overlay, perfect for the slim figured bride. Alternatively you can keep your dress simple and decide to wear a vintage lace veil.

Every bride should wear the dress of her dreams and with careful planning will be able to. Before trying on any wedding dresses do some research into the style you think would suit you and your personality. For example The Princess Style is perfect for any bride except the very petite, turning fantasy into reality with the perfect Cinderella gowns.

The Column Style will help you find your simplest but most stunning silhouette, look carefully for subtle design tricks. Look for the direction of the seam or the placement of the waist to get the right dress for you.

The Halter Style provides a new twist on wedding-day regalia; halter dresses are high fashion and a very sexy way to make the most of your features.

The Sleeves Style is elegant and polished at any length. Sleeves give brides a certain confidence that coverage can bring.

Finally the Strapless Style will flaunt great shoulders and arms, while adding balance to your other assets.

Think about the fabric you would like and the weather when you're getting married. Choice includes silk, silk chiffon, organza, duchesse satin, hand embroidered fabric and taffetas. Delicate embroidery and beading on the bodice of a dress can look stunning. Natural fabrics look and feel fantastic, while synthetic fabrics may look shiny but the colours will not look as natural.

While on the subject of colour, white can be a very hard colour for most people to wear, however ivory, off-white or cream can be more flattering. But you are no longer limited as other popular colours this year include red, black and soft pastels. Remember that most services can take up to an hour leaving your guests looking at the back of your dress so details are very important. Whichever style you choose you will need to take into consideration that a church wedding will require your shoulders being covered during the service.

When it comes to the older bride, go for a style and colour that fits the occasion. You want to look and feel beautiful so no white veils and avoid long trains.
As the wedding dress is probably the most expensive item of clothing, it is very important that you choose the dress that makes you happy and not your mother or mother-in-law. When you try to please others it can backfire and make you feel uncomfortable so always take on board the advice but trust your own instincts. When you feel beautiful you will look beautiful and nothing competes with a beautiful radiant bride on her wedding day.

For the groom it is hot to wear colours! You can go bold and wear a coloured suit or just add accents of colour with the waistcoat and tie. White is a very big trend this year and we are seeing more grooms taking the plunge. As with the bride, the groom can also enhance his features by wearing a complimentary colour. Redheads with pale skin will look great in a white linen suit with aqua and green accents. Sandy hair and blue eyes will be complimented by more of the same in natural fabrics. Chestnut hair and hazel eyes always look fantastic wearing a grey linen suit with lilac and pink. Dark skin and hair tones make an ideal match for cherry colours and khaki. The trend is for the groom NOT to wear a formal suit but a funky linen suit that completes the colour theme and looks great.

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