Celebrity Wedding Abroad of the Year!

As we're sure the world now knows, Coleen McLoughlin and Wayne Rooney got married today in Portofino on the Italian Riviera. For those couples planning their own wedding abroad, you'll be pleased to know that it won't cost you the reported £5 million that Coleen and Wayne spent on their nuptials!
Getting married in Italy needn't cost the earth, and there's plenty of choice of wedding planners as Italy is one of the most popular overseas wedding locations. Whether you're dreaming of escaping your relatives or have a large guest list, Italy won't disappoint as a destination wedding. If you're having trouble choosing between a riviera wedding, marrying in a castle, or exchanging vows in the Italian countryside, our Italian wedding planners will be able to help you.
Just remember, marrying abroad is the low-cost option, unless you're a footballer of course!
Follow in Coleen and Wayne's footsteps by taking a look at our Italian wedding planners today.


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