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We're delighted that UK-based wedding firm, Bespoke Weddings Abroad, run by Reena Popat, has joined Marry Abroad.
As Reena says “an increasing number of couples from the UK are expressing a desire to get married in India. Whilst all recognise that this would provide a unique and distinctive experience, few will have the time or depth of local contacts to enable them to successfully organise their wedding abroad. Wedding planners such as myself provide a friendly and professional means of accessing the Indian wedding services market that is still quite daunting for outsiders to deal with.”

With the majestic palaces, the vibrant colours, the smell of Indian spices, and the cultural richness, it is not surprising that India is fast becoming one of the most popular places in the world to get married. More and more couples are electing to get married the “Indian way”, either Maharajah-style at one of the palaces in Rajasthan or on a beach in Goa or Kerala.

A mosaic of many languages, religions, traditions and cultures, India is one of the most diverse countries on earth. In a land so varied, the possibilities are endless, and marriage customs vary according to religion, region and community.

Destination weddings in India are becoming increasingly popular as India’s tourism market becomes more accessible to overseas visitors, and for good reason: a typical Indian wedding celebration consists of a week-long schedule of festivities ranging from the Mehendi ,where the bride invites her closest friends and relatives, and their hands and feet are decorated with henna designs; to the Sangeet (music party) where both the bride and the grooms families use it as an excuse for a fun night of dancing, eating and drinking; to the Wedding itself.

Considering the average wedding can take a minimum of 200 to 300 hours to plan it’s really no surprise that brides are resorting to the services of Wedding planners. Wedding planners and organisers are a relatively recent phenomenon, helping navigate the plethora of options available to the happy couple and their respective families. The possibilities are numerous and the planners can provide everything from wedding shopping packages to expert assistance in selecting honeymoon packages.

When it comes to getting married abroad, and in particular in places like India where the knowledge of local suppliers, language and cultural differences are so complex. Jonathan (UK) and Polina (Russia) recently married in Udaipur on the Jagmandir Island, famous for the weddings of high-flying Indian tycoons and celebrity weddings, added “having a local expert at hand can save you many wasted hours and pounds, as well as event managing on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

Recent celebrity weddings such as Liz Hurley’s marriage to Arun Nayar have also helped showcase India as a wedding destination. Whilst five days of wedding festivities at the Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur will only ever be the preserve of a lucky few, it is still relatively affordable to get married in a Rajasthani palace or Haveli nowadays, particularly when compared with the alternatives. On average, a three-day wedding celebration at an exotic location for a group of around 100 people might cost Rs25 lakhs (£30,000), depending on the number of functions (excluding travel and accomodation).

An additional attraction of getting married in India is the potential cost saving for the honeymoon. Not only is India on your doorstep, but so are Indian Ocean destinations such as the Maldives and even destinations such as Langkawi and Phuket are no more than three hours away.

The Taj Mahal was built for love, and is undeniably one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. The deserts of Rajasthan are punctuated with timeless cities, the most romantic of which is Udaipur, built around a lake, the 'Venice of the East'. Add to this snowy mountains, white beaches, ancient ruins and tropical backwaters… it is no surprise that India has been seducing visitors for centuries.

Whatever your preferences, a wedding in India is bound to be unforgettable.

To find out more about getting married in India contact Reena Popat at Bespoke Weddings Abroad


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