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Rise in “Holiday” Weddings

Houses may be falling in value, food prices may be rising, but there’s one thing most of us can’t do without – a holiday!

The world’s credit problems may not ease up any time soon but one “essential” that most couples will not give up easily is a holiday. Lean times call for innovative thinking and many engaged couples are being drawn to combining their annual holiday with planning their wedding abroad.

For those who were thinking of having an overseas wedding anyway it’s a simple equation – save money by getting married abroad and combine your holiday with making the wedding arrangements. Alternatively, many couples are deciding that they like their holiday location so much they want to get married there instead of at home!

Candida Jane Blaxall from Whatever Ibiza recently married a UK couple who had discovered Ibiza’s more romantic side, she says “the groom had been coming over with the lads for years when one time saw the other side of Ibiza and discovered the chilled out island we a…

Wedding in Hungary joins Marry Abroad

If you're looking for a European wedding destination with a difference, then look no further, we're delighted to say that Wedding in Hungary has joined Marry Abroad. Offering a great choice of weddings in this exciting country, ceremony choices include exchanging your vows in a romantic castle or on a boat sailing down the blue Danube! Judith from WIH can send you details of all the ceremonies on offer - you can contact her through our Hungary Weddings page.

New weddings abroad in Cambodia and Denmark

If you're searching for a wedding abroad with a difference then take a look at our new wedding supplier Bliss Creations which offers buddist weddings in Cambodia! For couples who are really searching for a ceremony off the beaten track, Cambodia offers an amazing wedding experience. To see what's available visit our Cambodia wedding page.

Alternatively, if you're looking to remain in Europe, our other new wedding supplier Wedding 4 You offers wonderful wedding ceremonies in Denmark. With relatively easy legalities and plenty of choice of stunning locations, Denmark makes a fantastic European wedding destination, take a look at our Denmark wedding page today!

New Wedding Abroad Planners in Thailand and Portugal

Two more overseas wedding planners have joined us from Thailand and Portugal this month. Algarve Events in Portugal can help with as much or as little wedding planning as you like, and is based in one of the most popular areas of the country. Eleanor would be only too happy to hear from you if you'd like to email her through our Portugal weddings page.
If you're dreaming of a far eastern wedding, then Jit from Thailand could help you out. Based in beautiful Chiang Mai, Jit organises Christian and Buddist ceremonies in a stunning private estate, ensuring that there are no unwelcome visitors, or "conveyor belt" wedding experience. To find out more, please email Jit through our Thailand weddings page.