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Valentines offer in Ibiza


It´s that time of year again!!- as we just get over the hustle and bustle of Christmas we now have time to think about the ones we really love and how we can show them how much we care with that extra “Something special” for St Valentines day on February the 14th !!

Well LOVE is for ages and IBIZA is too, so why not take advantage of one of our super LOVE ideas to surprise that very special person in your life!

How about planning a short spring or summer break this year with IBIZA - SPOTLIGHT and its vast array of quality accommodation. Then one evening, let us whisk you and your partner away to a secluded cliff top, where to the surprise of your loved one, we will have cava on ice, incense burning, chill - out seating and chill - out music to accompany the spectacular sunset views as you intimately sit and enjoy this magical experience alone with your hearts! We can then arrange for your car and driver to then take you on to a local restaurant to celebrate.

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Welcome to Awesome Events Bermuda

Dreaming of the sun and white sandy beaches? Well we've got a wonderful new wedding planner for you to consider - Awesome Events Bermuda has joined us and offers a great selection of wedding ceremonies on beautiful Bermuda.
Exquisite beaches and gently lapping seas are always required for a beach wedding, and Bermuda makes a perfect location for a "traditional" beach wedding. So, to find out if Awesome can help you create your dream wedding, visit our Bermuda weddings page today!

How to get married in France

It's a new year and many couples will have become engaged over the Christmas and New Year period and will now be thinking about where to get married.

France is a popular choice for a wedding abroad, so we asked Anne from wedding planning firm Fete in France the best way to have a ceremony in this romantic country.

Anne says "the legal bit can be a stumbling block for some people but it shouldn't discourage couples from getting married in France. The law basically stipulates that you need to civilly wed before you can have a religious ceremony. (Most French couples these days have a civil wedding at their local 'mairie' and then a few weeks or even months later they will have a religious ceremony with a traditional wedding reception.) If you are not a resident of France for at least 40 days prior to the wedding then you cannot have a legal wedding in France. Obviously, most couples coming from the UK fall into this latter category.

Here are a few options to work ar…