Valentines offer in Ibiza


It´s that time of year again!!- as we just get over the hustle and bustle of Christmas we now have time to think about the ones we really love and how we can show them how much we care with that extra “Something special” for St Valentines day on February the 14th !!

Well LOVE is for ages and IBIZA is too, so why not take advantage of one of our super LOVE ideas to surprise that very special person in your life!

How about planning a short spring or summer break this year with IBIZA - SPOTLIGHT and its vast array of quality accommodation. Then one evening, let us whisk you and your partner away to a secluded cliff top, where to the surprise of your loved one, we will have cava on ice, incense burning, chill - out seating and chill - out music to accompany the spectacular sunset views as you intimately sit and enjoy this magical experience alone with your hearts! We can then arrange for your car and driver to then take you on to a local restaurant to celebrate.

We could also pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the local port, where once again to the surprise of your loved one, a private yacht will be waiting for you. With the intimacy of just the sea breeze and the sunset, and of course the chilled cava, you can both sail into the sunset as you declare and contemplate your love for each other!

We can even organise a surprise intimate wedding blessing with your own ceremony host, wedding flowers, vows and photographer for that real “WOW” surprise!!

These LOVE experiences can also be created for you to” Pop the question” if you haven’t already, or to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or just because you want to show that some one the intensity of you love!!

They call IBIZA the love island so why not choose it as the place this year to celebrate your love!! Just imagine your Valentines face on the 14th February when you show them the tickets to go to IBIZA – But don’t tell them about the secret surprises we have in store for them ok ?- that's something we will have to organise secretly !!

For more information of Surprise sunset experiences in IBIZA - contact Candida at Whatever Ibiza on our Spanish weddings page.


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