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A Valentine's Wedding

Many couples get engaged on Valentine's Day, but many others actually get married on the day. We asked Czech wedding planners White - Prague Wedding Agency to describe one of the 2009 Valentine's Day weddings they organised - if you'd like something similar next year you should book the date now!

Ivanka and Roman's Valentine's Day Wedding

What can be more romantic and symbolic than to wed your love on Saint Valentines day, a day that belongs to lovers. Therefore Ivanka & Roman decided to get married on Valentine's day only a few weeks before the wedding day. As they wished to have a small, chamber wedding with just two witnesses, everything was achievable to plan in a short amount of time.

The couple chose the beautiful Chateau Mcely as their wedding venue. Chateau Mcely, located in the very heart of the St. George Forest, offers its guests maximum comfort in romantic neo-classicist style. The chateau is just one hour from Prague, but feels infinitely removed …

A Valentine’s proposal… now what?!

Valentine’s day is one of the classic days of the year to propose, so with lots of happy couples currently on the look out for that perfect wedding location, how do they go about deciding where to make their lifetime commitment and still start married life in the black?Here at we think we have the answer to this question, and to many of the other dilemmas which bridal couples face.Dilemma 1How to not bankrupt yourself in a credit crunch and still have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Dilemma 2How to not offend friends and family but still have the perfect day.Dilemma 3How to have your dream day without your wedding planning taking over your life.SolutionChoose an experience wedding planner and have your wedding abroad!It’s a well known fact that the average UK wedding costs around £20,000 so it’s no wonder that more and more couples are deciding to save their pennies for a house rather than a wedding, and are getting married for less than half the price abro…

Special Wedding offer in Denmark

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