Three day wedding celebration in Italy

The bride and groom, an Italian couple who have lived in London for years, decided to get married in Umbria, an Italian region which is still unknown to most people...
Small medieval towns perched on soft hills and with a tradition of excellent cuisine and extraordinary wines.
But why offer their guests only a one-day wedding? Why limit themselves to the experience of only one location? And so they thought, advised by Infinity Weddings and Events® , of organising 3 days of festivities in three different places located in this splendid region.

All the guests stayed in hotels in Todi, an extraordinary town in the south of Umbria. All the guests were provided with tourist and logistic information by Infinity Weddings and Events® so they could enjoy the most of the area without any unnecessary stress (restaurants, hotels, theatres, wine cellars, shops, etc.). On the Thursday a welcome dinner was held in the most famous wine cellar in Umbria – Le Cantine Caprai. In the Caprai Wine Cellars, a place surrounded by vineyards unique in the world, a medieval dinner was organised with ceramic plates and cups, and a rustic menu : Roasted pig, gnocchi with a duck meat ragout and typical Umbrian soups. There were two long tables, and the guests were sat on benches dressed with coarse cloth. There was an atmosphere that was reminiscent of the great feasts after the wine harvests. The guests were entertained by musicians and dancers dressed in medieval garments that involved everyone in the typical dances of that era.

An informal and captivating evening that prepared the guests for what was to be a fairytale wedding, which could have started this way:
“Once upon a time in a medieval castle, in the heart of Umbria, on an early summer afternoon...”. The Castle’s village was sweetened by the soft lighting of a classic Italian sunset, the guests, who were anxiously waiting, took full advantage of the view of the countryside and of the enchanting small nearby town...watched the groom, emotional in front of the altar...and heard the string quartet as it started to play Dvorak’s “la serenata per archi”.

The bridesmaids in red, accompanied by the groom’s best men...and then, the bride, radiant with her red bouquet and an elegant dress complete with roses forming a light cascade ... an elegant and moving ceremony in which the bride and groom declared their love for each other and they retraced their story and their most emotional and memorable moments. Every last detail of the ceremony’s setting was taken care of: an altar with four columns covered in white and green hydrangeas and wrapped in an organza material that, along with the gentle breeze, created a sweet and dreamy effect that one was easily swept up in.
The white guide and the floral compositions on the aged wooden columns created a special frame for this unforgettable ceremony.
But the most magical moment was after the “I do”, lit up by a ray of sunlight from the tower, two doves took flight... The ceremony was emotional but above all captivating as the bride and groom’s friends joined in with a chorus of “Giovinette che fate all’amore” from the opera of Don Giovanni, itself an anthem of joy...

The ceremony was followed by an aperitif on the splendid terrace with a view over Assisi. All the guests enjoyed the breathtaking view framed with raised glassed and spheres of intense red roses and peonies, with a hint of blue given by the hydrangeas.
With the onset of the evening the atmosphere became even more fairytale-like. All the village was lit up by more than 2,000 candles that highlighted the many paths, angles and patches of this dream location.
The dinner, held in front of the castle with a view of the valley, was one of the most beautiful moments...round tables with white linen tablecloths, gently caressed by the breeze and decorated with tall glass vases with spheres of intense red flowers. The napkins were decorated with a sprig of lavender and with the menu parchment and a ribbon matching the colour of the flowers. All illuminated by candlelight on the tables and in the trees…and the fairytale continued...The menu followed Umbrian traditions, with pasta with a wild boar ragu, gnocchi with truffles and a fillet of beef with a cheese and truffle fondue and vegetable flans, all accompanied by the finest Umbrian wines, the Sagrantino and the whites of the area.

And the children? There were more than 20 children....they happily followed a gracious fairy that entertained them with games and fun for the whole evening...

And to finish, a 3-tier chocolate cake covered with cocoa...A delicacy for both the eyes and palate. Unforgettable!

After dinner the guests enjoyed the view of the valley and the swimming pool lit up by 200 tea light candles. The after dinner was a medley of good and beautiful things: an ice-cream cart, a chocolate fountain, a dessert buffet, a herbal tea corner, cascade of fruit...and so, the bride and groom and their guests had fun dancing the night away under the stars, dreaming they they too could be the prince and princess living in this castle, if only for just one day.

After all the magic, the bride and groom and their friends needed a more relaxing and intimate moment…and they next day they had the perfect opportunity, in a castle in the hills of Orvieto, surrounded by an immense lawn. This new day began with a brunch during which they could talk about the night before and look over each other’s photos…the brunch was also an opportunity to organise a party for the bride and groom’s daughter and their friend’s children. The castle was surrounded by coloured balloons, entertainers allowed the children to play and run around, floating bubbles that bought a smile to the faces of young and old alike... a moment to go back to their childhood days, a moment to thank the bride and groom for giving them 3 days of a fairytale story in an unforgettable land.

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