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Get married abroad in Thailand

Many countries claim to offer paradise weddings, but Thailand makes a good claim to be no.1 in this field. The stunning countryside helps, of course, but service and attention to detail raise Thai weddings above many others.

Sleeping in a bedroom surrounded by water is unnerving. The gentle splash of the water against the glass walled bedroom made me want to get up to use the bathroom several times in the night. The only thing that kept me in bed was the thought that I would probably tread on a tray of handmade chocolates, or stub my toe on a bottle of champagne if I did try to find my way to the (marble decked, petal smothered) loo.
I was in Thailand to wade in the kind of luxury that is usually reserved for people with a lot more money. And the Banyan Tree resort in Phuket certainly did do its best to cocoon me from anything that may be too hot, too cold, too sharp or too grimy.
I was staying at a private villa, hidden away from the rest of the hotel by man-made ponds and trees. The b…

Where to get married abroad – Malta

Find out why Malta makes an unusual wedding destination, despite being in the centre of Europe.
Malta manages to be both English and exotic.
Malta was the base of the Knights of St John; when they were expelled from Rhodes, they set up camp here, bullying the native islanders into submission. As it became clear that they were never going to be able to return to northern Italy, their original home, they became grandiose, building a vast citadel with huge bastions and ramparts on this scrubby scrap of the Mediterranean.
Malta still has some of the old glory, including a Caravaggio in the baroque, over-the-top St John’s Co-Cathedral and the breathtaking hush of Mdina, Malta’s old capital, at night.
Malta attracts people who want mild weather and waiters speaking good English,ans there are now splashes of glamour to make it a stylish destination. Try the comfortable San Gorg Hotel in St George’s Bay and The Xara Palace in Mdina is a 17th-century residence that has been converted into a Relais…

Where to get married abroad – Puglia, Italy

A few days in Puglia, driving a rental car through tiny medieval streets to the most incredible beaches, and I began to wonder why I don’t just come here for every holiday from now on. The heel of Italy is the trendy holiday destinations for Italians wanting a break at home and is being discovered by foreign tourists too. Its easy to see why. Puglia is filled with winding, olive tree studded roads that stretch out to the blue, blue Adriatic Sea. The food is amazing. Puglia is Italy’s kitchen garden, providing the olive oil, fish, ripe tomatoes, artichokes used around the country. It is part of a gentler, more old fashioned Italy – there are elegant towns, gleaming citadels and villages of mysterious trulli – stone houses with conical roofs. Many of these trulli are now rented out as holiday homes and also make wonderful destination wedding locations. Owners have added plunge pools, and renovated ancient stone ovens that are perfect for pulling out home made pizzas, drizzled with …

Wedding abroad in Ukraine

Ever thought of a truly unusual location for a wedding abroad? How about Ukraine? This Eastern European country has a wide selection of fantastic locations in which to exchange your vows.
Our new wedding location in Ukraine, Pastoral Country Club, is only 50km from Kiev. Situated in the countryside, there's a choice of three rustic lodges next to a lake, and your wedding planner Elena will organise a wonderful Ukrainian wedding celebration for you.
To find out more visit our Ukraine Wedding page today!