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Dubrovnik, proudly carrying a Pearl of Adriatic title, is medieval city located at the southern part of Republic of Croatia, just opposite the Italian coastline.

This is one of just a few European cities that can praise itself of being the city state for many centuries in the past (known as Dubrovnik Republic that has been independent for almost 5 centuries!) and that had its own Statute, fleet, one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, ruling Rector and its own money...

Being embraced by crystal blue sea, and surrounded by historical walls, the fortified Dubrovnik truly stands as one of the unique settings for any event or life-time celebration. For more and more couples from all over the world, this Croatian city has been an undiscovered jewel chosen as a special place for their dream day.

If you still haven't chosen your wedding destination for getting married abroad, find out here why to decide for having your vows at this magical city:

Along the year, Dubrovnik has very good flight connections with major European cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Frankfurt, Vienna etc. and it can easily be reached from any destination. From March until November there are direct daily flights from London (flight duration is approx. 2:30 hours). Dubrovnik airport is only 15 minutes drive by bus/car from the city centre.

Because of its cultural heritage and uniqueness, UNESCO has included Dubrovnik under its protection and in its World Heritage Site, from 1989.
Medieval walls, white stone fortresses and magical palaces will take your breath away and serve as perfect background for any wedding photo shooting. Some fortresses are available for renting and can really serve as a great setting for a fairytale wedding.

Dubrovnik proudly stands as one of the safest Croatian if not European cities at all. If you want to have a perfect get-away wedding, this is surely relaxing fact to know. There is no street crime or pick pocketing and local population really enjoys peace of mind when it comes to this subject.

The main wedding season in Dubrovnik is from May until the end of September. This is also the time of the year where the weather conditions are the best and the sea temperatures are perfect for swimming, therefore offering numerous possibilities for outside ceremony and reception, as well as combinations with cocktail on boats or excursion to the nearby islands.

People do come back because of the people, whether it is about the restaurant, store, agency, destination... If you had the most amazing meal, but a lousy service, your experience with the certain place will definitely not be overwhelming.
Local population in Dubrovnik is highly oriented in tourism, therefore people skills for them are „a must“. This is something that everybody is trained from the first grade of elementary school and it is very well expanded through their whole life and work.
Local people do put an accent on hospitality value because of which they enjoy high rate of repeated business and it is interesting to mention that many of them even stay connected with their guests furthermore or even became life-time friends.
Majority of population speaks English as a primary foreign language, while many of the local habitants do use other foreign languages as well (French, Italian, Spanish, German etc).

Most of the professional wedding planners are locals combining their wedding planning skills with local knowledge about the destination. It is always nice to find out all the interesting hints about destination from the local point of view. Almost all the wedding planners do offer tailor-made packages and full-time wedding planning services. An interesting fact is that many of them do offer added values to the package, such as some service discounts or some complimentary add-ons such as free airport transfer for groom and bride.

Dubrovnik is the destination still offering good deals at reasonable prices, and at certain steps, wedding couples can save a great deal. Most of the wedding planners have special arrangements with many of the local suppliers, so some discounts are available through them. For example, you can save up to 50% from renting a sailing boat for your cocktail reception if you book whole wedding package through a certain wedding planner.

Dubrovnik is also holiday destination, and therefore the wedding couple has the opportunity to extend their stay in the destination for honeymoon as well. For the wedding group attending a wedding in Dubrovnik will also be a great time to enjoy sun, sea, Croatian culture, gastronomy and local customs.

Probably most of your wedding guests heard about Dubrovnik, but just a few had a chance to visit it, usually during their business trip (it is a famous conference destination as well with the largest number of 5 star hotels at one place in Croatia!).
Most people know about Dubrovnik as a walled city from postcards and TV, so inviting them to the wedding in Dubrovnik might be a wining decision that will give everybody the opportunity to find out about this remarkable European cultural oasis on the spot.
We're pretty sure that each and one of your wedding guests will find something of interest, whether it will be relaxation nearby the sea, or sightseeing tours, local wine tasting, cultural life or fish picnic trips...Dubrovnik will truly amaze everybody.

If you thought Venice is one of the most romantic cities in a world, you probably haven't been to Dubrovnik yet. A famous English writer George Bernard Shaw when seeing Dubrovnik for the first time wrote: „Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik! “.
Hidden gardens, peaceful islands with subtropical plants, magical fortifications, limestone streets, hospitable people, great food and wine, intriguing cultural life....these are just few of many reasons why love should be celebrated exactly at this place…

This was written by Dubrovnik Design, wedding planners in Dubrovnik. To find out more please visit our Croatia weddings page and book your dream wedding through Dubrovnik Design.


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