reveals changes in destination wedding trends over past three years

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  • Canada most popular wedding destination in 2010

  • Sri Lanka more desirable than Thailand for British couples

Destination wedding website has today released figures showing the trends in country choice for couples choosing to get married abroad, with some surprising results.

For the first time in three years a non-European country, Canada, has topped the list of most popular countries for British couples to get married.

Another non-European destination, Sri Lanka, makes an impressive debut appearance in the list at number two, while India creeps in at number ten. In contrast, 2008’s number two, Thailand, slips out of the top ten altogether and long-haul destination Australia drops to nine.

As expected, European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Cyprus have remained in the top ten, but their fortunes have been mixed. Spain, which topped the list in 2009, only managed seventh in 2010, perhaps due to off-putting residency requirements.

Favoured wedding destination countries France, Greece and Cyprus keep their status in the middle of the list, but with Greece slightly slipping from third in 2009 to fourth last year.

Perennial favourite Italy hovers around the top of the chart, although it has fallen slightly over the years to third in 2010.

Charlotte Hand from Marry Abroad says: “It's always interesting to see which countries grow in popularity over the years. The usual countries will remain attractive to UK couples due to their close proximity and good weather, but we have been surprised by some of the changes. Canada has progressed steadily over the years and now claims the top spot, possibly thanks to its reasonable costs and attractive venues. Though previous favourites Thailand and Australia have dipped, the rise of Sri Lanka and India testifies that couples are being more adventurous in their choice of wedding destination, perhaps fuelled by the desire to avoid expensive European venues.”

Top 10 destination wedding countries from

2010: Canada, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, France, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Australia, India

2009: Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada, Cyprus, Australia, France, Portugal, Thailand, Florida

2008: Italy, Thailand, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Australia, France, Portugal, Canada, Hawaii

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Statistics are based on most viewed country pages on 2008-2010.


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