Northern Lights weddings growing in popularity

With 2012 tipped (by NASA) to be the best year for the Aurora Borealis for 50 years, there’s been a surge in bookings for ‘Northern Lights Weddings’. The lack of light pollution up in Finnish Lapland, makes it one of the most spectacular places for witnessing the Lights – as well as an incredibly atmospheric place to tie the knot.

The Winter Wedding Company is offering a wedding in Nellim in Finnish Lapland from £1,197 including a civil ceremony and all wedding co-ordination, planning, magistrate costs and paperwork. In addition, a three-night stay costs from £845 pp (two sharing – hopefully!) including flights (London), transfers, three nights’ half-board (hotel) and cold-weather clothing. Winter Weddings (01670 789 101 ).

All of the wedding and honeymoon destinations used by Winter Weddings are located in Scandinavia’s Auroral Zone in Norway, Sweden and Finland, which increases the chances of witnessing the Lights.


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