Wedding Rings for a Wedding Abroad

A wedding ring is arguably the most important piece of jewellery you will own in your life. It is a symbol of a happy marriage and represents a commitment made to another person. It is a piece which is intended to be worn every day for the rest of your life. So there is a lot of pressure to make sure that you find the perfect ring – a ring that will still be beautiful to you in forty years time.

To help you in making the crucial decision, House of Williams is offering a unique service: the opportunity to try out a replica of your chosen wedding ring. The rings will be made with gold plating or rhodium so as to allow you to see the exact colour, finish and quality of your desired ring before you commit to buy. This service is available from £10 and the cost of this will be deducted from the cost of the bespoke ring if you decide to buy.

House of Williams has a stunning collection of wedding rings made to the highest level of quality by expert jewellers available at a fraction of a price than what they would cost on the high street.

Try the 9ct Yellow Gold Ladies 4mm Wedding Band Ring with a Diagonal Leaf Set and 0.05ct of Diamonds for a classic gold wedding band with stunning diamond details. This ring is valued at over £300 on the high street but is available at £225 through House of Williams.

Or if white gold is more your style, try the 9ct White Gold Ladies 5mm Wedding Ring with 10 Channel Set Diamonds and Grooved Edges Set and 15pts of Diamonds for £539.10 which come with a saving of almost £240 through House of Williams.

For a more modern take on a classic style, try the 9ct Yellow Gold Ladies 4mm Wedding Ring with Diamonds for £479.70. It comes in a simple, clean shape with three stunning baguette shaped diamonds set into the band.

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