Latest wedding abroad packages and special offers

For all couples who perhaps aren't quite sure where they want to marry abroad, or know which country but not what's available, then try out . We update the site regularly with new wedding abroad ceremony packages and special offers from all around the world. You can enquire directly to the wedding provider so there's nobody between you and the person arranging your wedding, which makes life a lot simpler when arranging the "best day of your life"!
We have wedding packages and offers from wedding planners, hotels, resorts, photographers, make up artists.....there's bound to be one that suits you.
This week we've added weddings in Malta, St Lucia x2 and Zante in Greece, with more to follow! 
Every time we add a new package/offer we tweet about it, so to keep up to date follow us on Twitter and perhaps your ideal wedding fill just fall into your lap! - wedding ceremonies around the world!


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