Take Wedding Inspiration From The A List

With David Beckham & Matt Damon Reportedly Renewing Vows To Their Loved Ones This Year, Why Not Follow In Their Footsteps...

...Do So In Style On The Magnificent Isle Of Mauritius, Courtesy of Beachcomber Hotels

If you'd like to mark a special anniversary but couldn’t afford the wedding of your dreams first time around, or perhaps you simply wish to reaffirm your love for one another? There are many reasons for couples to renew their marital vows, and with luxury island resort specialists, Beachcomber Hotels, you need wait no longer. With eight resorts located on the idyllic isle of Mauritius, Beachcomber provides the perfect setting for renewing vows. Combining the island’s abundant natural beauty with refined luxury, their properties represent the epitome of tropical paradise in the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Offering bespoke renewal of wedding vows packages that have all the magic of a wedding, Beachcomber Hotels strive to ensure every moment ashore the emerald island is intimate and memorable. Whether it’s an extravagant celebration for friends and family alike, or couples exclusively, Beachcomber guarantees an unforgettable experience, remembering why those first special promises were made to one another.

You can honour your devotion to each other by renewing their vows on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Mauritius. Beachcomber promise only one renewal of vows a day at all of their hotels, ensuring that this day is the epitome of special and intimate, just as it should be.

Organising this unforgettable experience is a smooth and hassle-free process, owing to Beachcomber’s wonderful, hand-crafted packages for vow renewals: the Classic and the Luxury Renewal of Vows package.

Upon arrival at the resort a specialist vows planner is at hand to take care of all plans involved in the crafting of your special day, from the heavenly location, to the exotic fresh flowers and professional photography, giving you precious time to relax and soak up the beauty of Mauritius.

The Beachcomber team have specialist staff for the renewal of vows service, who work only at Beachcomber Hotels, ensuring that this day remains exclusive and unique, as couples etch their memories in the sand and renew promises to last a lifetime.

For more information visit Beachcomber Hotels or call 01483 445 621.

Or visit our Mauritius page for all wedding providers in Mauritius.


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