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Reef Villa & Spa, Sri Lanka has achieved Gold Travelife status

We're delighted to announce that our Sri Lanka wedding provider, Reef Villa & Spa, has achieved Gold Travelife status.

In Sri Lanka there are only nine hotels who have achieved a Gold award and Reef is exceptionally proud to be one of them.

On 29 July everything was examined by the Travelife auditor. They used a fine tooth comb to check everything from Reef's employment contracts and salary levels, to looking in their bins to check if they were separating waste.
They checked:

the flow rate of the showersif they had dual flush toiletsif they had a staff handbookif they sourced their food locallyif they encouraged their guests to explore outside of Reefhow much water they used per room per nighthow many low energy lightbulbs they haddid they minimise the use of chemicals
All in all Reef had over 100 questions to answer relating to various areas of their business. So they're very pleased that they achieved gold and are still constantly striving to improve.

Reef is now inc…

5 new French Wedding Venues join us

We're delighted that 5 new French wedding venues have now joined us, and they're a fantastic selection of amazing venues for your wedding in France.

The gorgeous 17th century Château de Flaugergues in Montpellier has all the atmosphere and romance you could imagine for a castle wedding. And there's no need to go anywhere else to buy wine for your reception either, they have an award winning vineyard right there!

If you've ever dreamed of having a wedding unlike any other, then how about getting married beside a World Heritage Monument? The Pont du Gard is an impressive aqueduct spanning a valley in the south of France. You can be sure that if you marry here your wedding will be completely memorable and unlike any of your friends'!

Our second chateau is the romantic Château le Bouis. A beautiful setting in the middle of a vineyard, you can definitely be a princess for the day (or longer) in this historical venue. Their four poster beds are truly sumptuous!