Reef Villa & Spa, Sri Lanka has achieved Gold Travelife status

We're delighted to announce that our Sri Lanka wedding provider, Reef Villa & Spa, has achieved Gold Travelife status.

In Sri Lanka there are only nine hotels who have achieved a Gold award and Reef is exceptionally proud to be one of them.

On 29 July everything was examined by the Travelife auditor. They used a fine tooth comb to check everything from Reef's employment contracts and salary levels, to looking in their bins to check if they were separating waste.
They checked:

  • the flow rate of the showers
  • if they had dual flush toilets
  • if they had a staff handbook
  • if they sourced their food locally
  • if they encouraged their guests to explore outside of Reef
  • how much water they used per room per night
  • how many low energy lightbulbs they had
  • did they minimise the use of chemicals

All in all Reef had over 100 questions to answer relating to various areas of their business. So they're very pleased that they achieved gold and are still constantly striving to improve.

Reef is now included on the Travelife Collection website.

Travelife is an international certification scheme for hotels and accommodations that helps them to
improve how they manage their environmental and social impacts, such as their energy or water consumption, or how they treat their employees and the local community.

Reef is a spectacular and luxurious boutique hotel  in Sri Lanka set in three acres of exotic tropical gardens with palm fringed pavilions and reflection pools that create the romance and grandeur of Sri Lanka.

To maintain the romance and privacy, we offer just seven unique and exclusive palatial suites; they are the ultimate in elegance, luxury and discretion, designed with breathtaking extravagance on Indo-Colonial lines.
With our vast sandy beachfront, all weather tennis court, large swimming pool, lush tropical gardens, tranquil lily ponds, garden pavilions, gourmet kitchens and the sanctuary of our Reefresh  Spa, Reef sets a new bench mark for luxury accommodation in Sri Lanka. It is intimate, romantic and completely beautiful.

Reef is set in stunning tropical gardens and offers breathtaking views of the majestic Indian Ocean.

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