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What's the best way to pay for your dream wedding abroad?

Your wedding day ranks as one of the most memorable and exciting days of your life and now more and more of us are choosing to leave the unreliable British weather behind in favour of a wedding overseas. This is hardly surprising when the average wedding abroad costs £6,000, compared to a staggering £22,000 in the UK. As wonderful as planning your dream wedding is, it's up there as one of the most stressful experiences you can have!

So, once you have spent copious amounts of time researching your dream location, have chosen your colour scheme and made sure that warring relatives are seated at least one table apart, it’s down to the nitty gritty of paying your overseas venue and suppliers.

An easy way to make those payments is to use an international money transfer service such as FTT Global. This ensures you have a reliable and cost-effective way to pay your invoices - and one less thing to worry about!

Once you have registered with the company you can start making payments usin…