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Log Cabin Weddings in Canada

Welcome to our new wedding  venue in Canada, a gorgeous log cabin by Elope Niagara! We love this venue for its truly romantic location in the middle of the woods, so you have total seclusion as you exchange vows.

Just imagine getting married in summer with the fresh scent of pine around you, or in the winter, cosy and warm in the chapel with the snow falling softly outside? This pretty chapel is ideal, year-round!

Canada's marriage laws for non residents are quite simple, so there's no worry about getting married here, and Kim and Kathy, your wedding planners, have tons of experience in arranging beautiful and unique weddings here, so you'll be in expert hands.

To find out more about Elope Niagara (you don't have to be eloping to use them!), then visit our Canada weddings page and ask them for more details.