Constance hotels launches new wedding e-book

Our friends Constance Hotels, the 5-star luxury Indian Ocean hotel and resort group, have launched a new wedding e-book ‘8 Steps to a Dream Destination Wedding’, which may inspire you to plan a destination wedding. It takes you through the emotional rollercoaster of planning and hosting a wedding and honeymoon, and the different feelings that are involved at each stage.

This beautifully designed downloadable book features photos of Constance wedding destinations, insight from Constance wedding guests and inspirational quotes and tips from wedding co-ordinators. It is aimed at couples looking at how to plan their dream wedding, offering practical, expert advice on how to manage the run-up to the wedding, the day itself and the honeymoon afterwards.

From tips on what to wear for a resort wedding and choosing the perfect location for the ceremony to the flowers they want, the music and photographer, we think this e-book is a great resource for couple looking to get married abroad. Constance has also worked with some key travel and fashion bloggers to help shape the new book into an inspirational guide for those looking for a wedding they’ll remember forever.

Take a look at the book here to see what we mean!

Or take a look at our Weddings in the Seychelles page here.


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