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How to afford a wedding planner and save £1500 (almost 10%) off your wedding budget, plus save 260 hours of your time.

1. The engagement

Congratulations, you are engaged! Yay, you have the perfect ring on and it is time to pay attention to all those wonderful photos that keep jumping at you on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Before you know it, you are browsing all things wedding when you wake up, on your break at work, on your way home, and discussing your perfect day with your fiancée while cooking dinner, during dinner and of course after watching your favourite TV programme. It is now official, you are planning the wedding of the century!

2. The mission

Yes, you are now on a mission. You have spent hours, if not weeks, looking at perfect wedding photos and room designs online.  You know what you want!
What becomes clear very quickly – this is going to be time consuming and very expensive. What becomes clear after that – this is going to be potentially a stressful journey.
And if you were okay until now – wait until you start confirming your guests’ attendance and trying to do a seating …