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Perfect Wedding Attire for the Bride and Groom

You’ve all heard the saying: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. But what does it really mean and where does it come from? It’s a superstition that has become tradition for most brides around the world.

Although wedding dresses are not considered to be a fashion statement, styles, fabrics and colours do change from season to season. A few years ago the trend in bridal wear was LACE, but as it is also a classically elegant look it will never date. Many of the styles available were a very sleek dress with a lace overlay, perfect for the slim figured bride. Alternatively you can keep your dress simple and decide to wear a vintage lace veil.

Every bride should wear the dress of her dreams and with careful planning will be able to. Before trying on any wedding dresses do some research into the style you think would suit you and your personality. For example The Princess Style is perfect for any bride except the very petite, turning fantasy into reality wi…

Choosing the right church or chapel for your wedding abroad

Most couples will opt for their local place of worship where they know the priest well and he knows both or one of the couple intending to get married. This is certainly one way to make your wedding day more special. Some of you may even have a priest in your family and by asking him to marry you can create a more intimate celebration.
A lot of our couples will have personal reasons for choosing a particular church. It could be that they were both baptized there, and so have something in common with each other as well as with the church.

To get married in a church or chapel you have to complete the marriage preparation course. They will be held by your local priest who will then forward the documents to the Archbishop here in Malta.

Deciding on the right amount of decoration can become a nightmare so set a budget for flower arrangements and remember your guests will only see them for about an hour. The most obvious area to be dressed is the altar as this will be the main focus duri…

Spanish Country Weddings – IBIZA is the place!

With its endless days of sunshine, blue skies, perfect med sunsets its no wonder that Spain is fast becoming a firm favourite as a convenient “ wedding abroad” destination .

Few guests and family can not be tempted to a few days or a week in the Spanish sunshine!

Now many of you might think that all that Spain and in particular IBIZA has to offer is romantic beach weddings , with white sand, white linen clad guests and unspoilt local fish “restaurantes” on the beach hosting relaxed chilled out lobster and chilled white wine feasts………
Well yes this can be found, created, and enjoyed in IBIZA, this is true, but there is also another ambience of wedding that has just begun to evolve. Small, traditional country hotels are now becoming the venue for both a beautiful country wedding ceremony and also the perfect location for an intimate family celebration reception.
With Rural hotels and Casas ranging in size from 6 rooms to larger 30 room venues, you are able to find a venue the perfect size y…