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Justin, Jessica and their three day wedding

Could you survive a three-day wedding?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel certainly don't do things by halves. Their Italian wedding turned into a three-day extravaganza at the beautiful Borgo Egnazia resort.

"We have noticed a rise certainly in extended wedding celebrations, what we term ‘wedkends’," said Sophie Day, author of The Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide (out next month).

"It is something quite a few of the venues in the guide are increasingly offering so that couples and their guests have the chance to really revel in their wedding and enjoy spending rare time with their loved ones rather than just focusing on one fleeting day when it’s often difficult to get around everybody and catch-up, make guests feel special or appreciated for coming."

While no expense was spared at the Timberlake/Biel nuptials - helped with an investment from People Magazine, who bought the exclusive rights to the wedding photos - a wedkend isn't beyond the budget o…

How to save money on your wedding abroad

Every bride on a budget has to make a few sacrifices, whether it be cutting the guest list or choosing favours over flowers. But if you are one of the thousands of Brits planning to get married abroad, there is a way of making your money go further without these cuts. Suzi Dixon explains how you can make forex work in your favour...

A study earlier this year found that more than a third of couples have booked a wedding abroad in the next 12 months, that’s as many as 80,000 Brits, to beat spiralling prices and unpredictable weather back home*.

But I wonder how many of these brides are currency savvy and know how to make every penny count – before AND after it is converted to those all-important euros or other foreign currency.

Beat the bankers
No doubt you have suppliers that need to be paid overseas and perhaps one big bill in particular with a hotel or wedding planner. It’s essential that you get the best rate when making this transfer and comparison sites such as…