Spanish Country Weddings – IBIZA is the place!

With its endless days of sunshine, blue skies, perfect med sunsets its no wonder that Spain is fast becoming a firm favourite as a convenient “ wedding abroad” destination .

Few guests and family can not be tempted to a few days or a week in the Spanish sunshine!

Now many of you might think that all that Spain and in particular IBIZA has to offer is romantic beach weddings , with white sand, white linen clad guests and unspoilt local fish “restaurantes” on the beach hosting relaxed chilled out lobster and chilled white wine feasts………
Well yes this can be found, created, and enjoyed in IBIZA, this is true, but there is also another ambience of wedding that has just begun to evolve. Small, traditional country hotels are now becoming the venue for both a beautiful country wedding ceremony and also the perfect location for an intimate family celebration reception.
With Rural hotels and Casas ranging in size from 6 rooms to larger 30 room venues, you are able to find a venue the perfect size you need, for the size of your own personal wedding party.

What are the advantages of this type of wedding you may ask. Well, where else can you take over a hotel entirely for your own guests if you wish too? ………
Think of the joys of having everybody in the right place at the right time and no body having to worry about travelling or driving to the ceremony or back from the reception after a few drinks .!!

Where else can you be tucked away in the beautiful country side, yet only a short drive or taxi away from a beach, secluded cove, a club for those who wish to live it up after the party or during their stay. (In Ibiza nothing is more than approx 30 mins away from anywhere!!)

Where else can you be looked after so warmly as in a family run Hotel ,where they see each wedding and each guest as an extension to their family , enjoying and priding them selves on creating a traditional family wedding for you .!!

And if you want a few days away on your own after the wedding you can always book into a sister Rural hotel, many often boasting relaxing spas and honeymoon suite,s and get the best of both worlds!!

If you want your guests to feel the WOW factor at your wedding, try this IBIZA cocktail of sunshine, intimacy, Spanish tradition and the Latin philosophy of just enjoying life to its full at your IBIZA country wedding . Take a look for yourself on Marry Abroad's Spain weddings page .


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