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Brides flee Britain to escape credit crunch

The flowers cost more, there’s more duty on champagne. Even the breadrolls have got dearer. Little wonder more and more couples are looking to get married abroad to save money but still have the wedding of their dreams. The strength of the pound has made it even cheaper than before to get married in certain countries, especially the USA where a US dollar rate of nearly $2 to a pound means you get a lot for your money.Carol Campanella of New York wedding firm Fab NYC Wedding says that she’s seen an increase in business from the UK lately, and they’re all saying it’s because of the cost.“Business has doubled in the past year and all my couples are from the UK and all come to NYC because it’s a fantastic city but also because they get excellent value for money. Since our dollar hit rock bottom it’s so much cheaper for them. They get married here and even hold large receptions to celebrate after and it’s still much cheaper then if they married at home. ”Likewise Amy Claassen from Green Ro…