Rise in “Holiday” Weddings

Houses may be falling in value, food prices may be rising, but there’s one thing most of us can’t do without – a holiday!

The world’s credit problems may not ease up any time soon but one “essential” that most couples will not give up easily is a holiday. Lean times call for innovative thinking and many engaged couples are being drawn to combining their annual holiday with planning their wedding abroad.

For those who were thinking of having an overseas wedding anyway it’s a simple equation – save money by getting married abroad and combine your holiday with making the wedding arrangements. Alternatively, many couples are deciding that they like their holiday location so much they want to get married there instead of at home!

Candida Jane Blaxall from Whatever Ibiza recently married a UK couple who had discovered Ibiza’s more romantic side, she says “the groom had been coming over with the lads for years when one time saw the other side of Ibiza and discovered the chilled out island we all love here. He then met his future bride and introduced her to the island and they both decided this was where they wanted to marry one day”

Many couples do find that they are drawn back to a certain holiday destination time and time again, and often they know a place so well it feels like home. Getting married there can be the logical next step, especially if friends and family are able to join them.

The large majority of couples already use the internet as a research tool to narrow down where they’re going to get married – now they’re also using the wedding websites to plan their holiday as well.

Overseas wedding website MarryAbroad.co.uk has received more enquiries for traditional holiday destinations lately. Charlotte Hand from the site says “more couples are deciding that a wedding abroad is a cheaper option in the current climate and we are receiving more enquiries from couples who have already been on holiday and have decided to get married in their holiday destination. We would always recommend couples try to visit their wedding location before they exchange vows anyway to avoid any mistaken illusions or misunderstandings so this development is more than welcome”.

As the world economy remains uncertain, new ways of thinking emerge, even in the wedding market.


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