New Wedding pages

We're always trying to bring you the most information possible about getting married abroad, so we've added a few new pages to the site recently to give you even more wedding abroad ideas.

Ethical weddings are big business these days and there's no reason why your overseas wedding can't be "green" as well, you've just got to think about it a bit more than a "regular" wedding - take a look at our new Ethical Weddings page for some great ideas!

If you're thinking of eloping any time soon, it's more than possible to do at short notice, however there are some things to think about, especially if you just want to run away now and get married! See if we can help you remember all the important things you need on our Elope Abroad page.

Now, you may be happy about not inviting all your family to your wedding abroad, but they could very well want to be there to support you on your special day. In the 21st Century the best of both worlds are possible by having your wedding ceremony shown live on the web for those you leave at home to watch. Find out the best way of doing this on our Hi Tech Weddings page.

And finally, you must always remember that getting married abroad will usually involve paying for the wedding in a different currency. If you're clever with your planning you can save money on your currency exchange and have an even cheaper wedding than you thought! Try our currency converter and make sure you get the best value for money you can.


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