Marry Abroad reports a 29% growth in visitors in first 2 months of 2009

We are delighted to announce a 29% year-on-year increase in visitors in the first two months of 2009, proving that engaged couples are still continuing to plan their nuptials despite money worries.
The majority of new visitors have, not surprisingly, come from the UK, with a 48% increase on the same time last year. Europe is still the most popular wedding choice, with the top two visited pages being and, however some couples are looking further afield as Canada comes in a close third place. Same sex weddings continue to soar in popularity with the Gay weddings page showing a huge 479% increase in visits versus the same time last year.

Seeing as how the wedding industry in general has not been immune to the credit crunch, with figures from the USA* stating that couples are cutting costs across the board, the relative cost of getting married abroad may be a contributing factor in marry abroad's visitor growth. Pound for pound you get more for your money overseas, especially if you choose a country with a beneficial exchange rate.

Choosing to take only close family (and possibly a friend or two) to the wedding also saves on initial costs, and has become more and more common over the past ten years. In addition, if loved ones wish they can watch the ceremony live through the internet, thereby avoiding upsetting those who are not able to travel, and saving on costs at the same time.

Although extremely pleased with these figures, we are still offering excellent advertising deals for any overseas wedding professionals who wish to maximise their marketing budget, in order to give our visitors the best possible choice of wedding professional. We're keen to expand the site further, and build on our success, so can offer excellent advertising rates tailored to suit most businesses.

For further details on the advertising packages available please contact us at

*figures from The Wedding Report 23 February 2009


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