Where to get married abroad – Puglia, Italy

A few days in Puglia, driving a rental car through tiny medieval streets to the most incredible beaches, and I began to wonder why I don’t just come here for every holiday from now on.

The heel of Italy is the trendy holiday destinations for Italians wanting a break at home and is being discovered by foreign tourists too.

Its easy to see why. Puglia is filled with winding, olive tree studded roads that stretch out to the blue, blue Adriatic Sea. The food is amazing. Puglia is Italy’s kitchen garden, providing the olive oil, fish, ripe tomatoes, artichokes used around the country.

It is part of a gentler, more old fashioned Italy – there are elegant towns, gleaming citadels and villages of mysterious trulli – stone houses with conical roofs. Many of these trulli are now rented out as holiday homes and also make wonderful destination wedding locations. Owners have added plunge pools, and renovated ancient stone ovens that are perfect for pulling out home made pizzas, drizzled with the local olive oil.

Two towns stand out – Ostuni is a gleaming white citadel, rising above the Adriatic sea. Lecce is a less touristy Florence with Baroque architecture and the spectacular ruins of a Roman amphitheatre.

There are endless beaches, and few of them have been developed or spoilt. There are beautiful agroturismo places - restaurants providing organically grown food, often with a sumptuous room to sleep off the decadent meal. And there are miles and miles of beautiful countryside, to discover.

What better place to exchange your vows! To find a wedding planner in Italy or to see the legalities for getting married in Italy please visit our Italy Wedding page.

By Meera Selva


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