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Get Married in Caribbean - Jamaica

Did you get engaged over Christmas? Are you looking for ideas for an amazing wedding abroad? Then look no further - our new Caribbean wedding planner in Jamaica could be just what you're looking for!
Caribbean Dream Weddings Jamaica have just joined us and offer fantastic wedding locations around the island. You can exchange vows in a tropical garden, in front of a tumbling waterfall, on a gorgeous beach, or even on a catamaran with a reggae band and traditional Caribbean cuisine!
To find out more visit our Jamaica weddings page and be inspired!

Get married in Dubrovnik


Find out how your magic can start right up here...

Dubrovnik, proudly carrying a Pearl of Adriatic title, is medieval city located at the southern part of Republic of Croatia, just opposite the Italian coastline.

This is one of just a few European cities that can praise itself of being the city state for many centuries in the past (known as Dubrovnik Republic that has been independent for almost 5 centuries!) and that had its own Statute, fleet, one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, ruling Rector and its own money...

Being embraced by crystal blue sea, and surrounded by historical walls, the fortified Dubrovnik truly stands as one of the unique settings for any event or life-time celebration. For more and more couples from all over the world, this Croatian city has been an undiscovered jewel chosen as a special place for their dream day.

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