Getting married in Florida

For many couples who are planning to be married, a ceremony overseas in a dream location would be the icing on the wedding cake. One top spot for couples celebrating their nuptials abroad is America’s sunshine state of Florida – which offers some to suit all styles when it comes to weddings.

Top Wedding Venues in Florida

Florida offers a range of exciting wedding venues that help couples make some truly special memories of their big day. Popular choices for those travelling to Florida to get married include:

  • Disney World – there is nowhere in the world that offers a more magical setting for couples wanting to enter into a marriage. Disney World offers a true fairytale backdrop to a fairytale day and is a great choice for women who have always dreamed of being a princess on their big day. Disney World is also a great choice of venue for brides and grooms who already have children as the day is a magical one for all the family. Disney event planners are available to help couples create the perfect day in the magic kingdom.

  • SeaWorld – SeaWorld offers an exciting alternative Florida wedding venue for couples who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. The venue can cater for parties of any size up to 1500 guests in either one of its unique on site restaurants or at the stunning Sea Harbour Pavilions. Personalised event planners can help couples co-ordinate.

  • Beach Weddings – Popular coastal resorts throughout the state provide perfect beach wedding venues, with their stunning stretches of white sand and beautiful blue seas providing the perfect backdrop to the dream ceremony.

  • Miami Weddings – Miami is a wonderful place for a party and what is a wedding if not a huge celebration of a couple’s commitment to each other. Soon to be married will have no trouble persuading family and friends to book their flights to Miami to join in the fun at one of the city’s wonderful wedding venues, such as the iconic Art Deco Delano Hotel with its stunning water salon.

Why Choose Florida?

With its amazing sub tropical climate and its stunning scenery and amazing attractions, Florida certainly has something to offer everyone.

The bride and groom will be able to slip effortlessly into honeymoon mode after the reception is over, while family and friends can take the opportunity to extend their break and explore what else the area has to offer.

Tips for Couples Planning a Florida Wedding

While Florida is a great destination for weddings couples travelling from overseas will need to remember that certain legalities will need to be observed before a ceremony can take place.

For this reason it is a great idea to employ a local wedding coordinator to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is taken care of.

A local wedding planner will also be able to advise on all aspects from catering to flowers, helping couples plan from a distance with confidence.


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