Chateau Weddings in France

Our choice of chateaux weddings has grown even more today as we welcome Chateau de la Barre to Marry Abroad. Located in the beautiful Loire Valley in France, Chateau de la Barre is perfect for a private, romantic wedding abroad. The 20th Comte and Comtesse de Vanssay own the chateau and will be your hosts for your special day. Take your vows in the on-site chapel before celebrating your marriage in one of the ornate reception rooms with cocktails, dinner and dancing. Channel your inner princess for the day!
For those spending a weekend at the chateau there are plenty of activities to entertain you - race car driving around Le Mans track, a foie gras cookery course and hot air ballooning from the chateau terrace are just some of the many amazing choices on offer.
The chateau is a 2 hour drive southwest of Paris, or 45 minutes by TGV train.


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