A Romantic Chateau Wedding in France? We think this one's perfect!

As Valentine's day approaches you may be optimistic about receiving a proposal on the 14th! If you do, and are dreaming of a sumptuous "Downton Abbey" style wedding which allows you to be a true princess for the day, then take a look at one of our favourite locations, Chateau de la Barre.

The Count and Countess arrange weddings at their gorgeous home, and here, Countess Marnie describes a wedding she organised recently.

"Having spent a long weekend at the chateau shortly after meeting each other, the day they became engaged this couple phoned up Comte & Comtesse de Vanssay, who had in the meantime become their friends Guy and Marnie : “Could you by any chance host our wedding for us over three days in October? Be a sort of Maggie Smith character as in Downton Abbey? There will be both our parents, our siblings and about twelve very close friends”. Enough to privatise all of the twelve luxurious en-suite rooms and suites, each gilded with sumptuous designer fabrics, fine XVIIIth century antiques, tapestries and paintings......read more.

Or see all our wedding providers in France here.


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