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Popular Italian Wedding Traditions

Expert wedding planners, Monica Roma and Paola Cocchi from Leoeventi share some popular Italian wedding traditions.

If you have decided to tie the knot in Italy, you may as well go all the way and get married the Italian way. This means that you can incorporate seamlessly into your Italian wedding day the most popular Italian traditions and this is always a nice touch for couples from abroad. Let’s see what are the most popular traditions, and which are the most Italian.

First of all, favours. Here in Italy all couples will have favours made of “confetti”, which is the Italian word to describe our delicious sugar covered almonds that are specifically devoted to weddings, as they symbolize
health, wealth, fertility, happiness and long life. They come in many different flavours and colours therefore they are easy to incorporate into the colour theme of the wedding.
The so called “White Table” for example is a typical way to arrange a sampling of different “confetti” flavours in nice gl…

A Romantic Morocco Wedding Ceremony

Readers of our Real Life Weddings pages may remember Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant who started their wedding quest over 2 years ago in a bid to find the perfect place to get married. They set off round the world determined to experience all the wedding world can offer and have so far had over 40 wedding ceremonies in over 25 countries!

Their ceremonies have so far included shamans, Zulu chiefs, pastors, vicars, rabbis and even a Voodoo priestess, not to mention the scores of wedding photographers and wedding professionals who have donated their time and skills to Alex and Lisa’s quest to tell a compelling and romantic story.

When they have completed their round the world journey, they will pick their favourite location and head back there for a real and final wedding ceremony inviting everyone they have met along the way.

May 2013: Alex and Lisa have just had their 45th ceremony at Riad El Fenn in the heart of Marrakech.  Assisted by Moroccan wedding planners - Boutique Souk and Photogr…