How to make your wedding budget go further (5 top tips for Valentine's Day proposals)

With “the most romantic day of the year” coming up tomorrow, you may be thinking of proposing on Valentine's Day, after all it's a popular choice of day to get engaged.

But what if you'd like to get married but don't have a big budget for your wedding? Don't panic, there are solutions, we've rounded up a few good ideas below.

1. Go abroad for your wedding

Weddings abroad are well known to be cheaper than a wedding at home with the average ceremony abroad costing £6500, versus £20000 in the UK.

Obviously it depends on the type of ceremony you choose, but to maximise your budget try the following countries:

They are all easy to marry in and offer a good choice of ceremony types with minimal fuss (although fuss is also possible).

2. Ask your guests to buy you wedding ceremony gift cards

These gift cards can be used to pay for the ceremony with certain wedding providers. So if your budget is not as large as your imagination then you can ask your guests to help out.

All you do is register with the gift card company, decide on a wedding provider who accepts the gift cards to plan your wedding, and then share the gift card website with your guests. When it's time to pay for your ceremony the gift card amount is paid to the wedding provider, then you pay the balance. Saves you asking for cash which ends up being used for the bills!

3. Get married mid-week

In general, getting married not on the weekend (or even just not on a Saturday) can save you tons of money. Wedding venues are often booked up months or years in advance for a Saturday, and venues tend to put the price up on a weekend as they know it's a popular choice.

If you get married on a weekday you can save thousands on the venue cost, and, if you're using a wedding planner, then you're more likely to find one who is available.

4. Hire a wedding planner

You may think that this wouldn't save you money, but if you choose the right planner then she'll be the best wedding investment you make. Apart from taking the stress away from your wedding planning by making everything run smoothly and thinking of all the things you haven't thought of, the aim of a wedding planner is to ultimately save you money.

It's like having an accountant – they should save you more money than they cost! They will have discounted rates with florists, caterers, maybe even dress companies, which will save you money and make your budget go even further.

5. Have a “free” wedding ceremony

If you choose to go abroad, then many resorts offer “free” weddings as long as you bring a certain amount of business to them. This is common in the Caribbean where resorts often include the ceremony in the cost of your holiday/honeymoon with them, especially if you are taking a certain number of guests with you who are also staying at the same resort.

Here's an example of an offer


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