7 GOOD reasons why you NEED to hire a WEDDING PLANNER

Our friend Martina plans beautiful weddings in the UK and the Czech Republic, here are her tips on why you should hire a wedding planner for your special day.

YOUR wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It is one day, one chance to get it just right.

You will want your dreams to be realised, everything to be in the right place at you dream venue, everybody to be there at the right moment. Music, lighting and your stunning gown to create an unforgettable moment when you walking down the aisle.

Organising all and coordinating from small to bigger details can become quite overwhelming. That is why hiring a professional wedding planner may actually be the best decision you and your fiancee have made!

A good wedding planner already works with reliable wedding suppliers that provide discounted services for them and those discounts are then passed onto the couples. So whatever you have spend on hiring a wedding planner you can save later on.

This one is quite obvious. Wedding planning, researching suppliers and visiting the venues can take over 300 hours of your time. You might need to take time of work, hire a babysitter and a coordinator for the final weeks of the planning.

Many of the suppliers you will hire to work on your wedding day are solely focused on their own job. Which is understandable. Venues will have a coordinator or a sales person who has charmed you enough into signing the contract, however they are also usually looking after just their bit of the action and then rushing back to the office to their main part of the job (which is sell more weddings).
Venue coordinator will be there for your ceremony, maybe reception drinks and a wedding breakfast sit down time. Once you and your party are in the main wedding reception, your coordinator vanishes. Wedding planner is with you every step of the way and brings the suppliers together so nothing gets missed.

Many couples will choose to get married in a different postcode to their own home. It might be for many reasons. Their dream venue is elsewhere, it is in the middle for the two families or it is much cheaper out of the big city. This means they need to research even longer as it is not a location they are familiar with.

Wedding and all it's details have a tendency to take over the couples life. Every conversation they have might end up being about the wedding or wedding related. Keep your dates romantic and wedding planning free zone! Wedding planner is handling everything!

As a bride and groom you will be busy on the day smiling, hosting and enjoying yourselves. So you will have a tendency to appoint a few family members to do the 'supervising' job, to keep an eye on the schedule, on the music, on the food timings and reminding you what you supposed to do next. As nice as it is of your family to provide a helping hand, they might be nervous all day and focus on the job you have given them and forget that they are your guests too. The experience in running a smooth wedding day lies with a wedding planner. Not your family and friends.

Everything is taking care of. You couldn't have forgotten anything because you have hired a professional wedding planner! Your friends and family are having a great time, food is delicious, drinks are flowing, you are relaxed and looking amazing! After all, this is your wedding day!

You can contact Martina at http://www.wonderfulevents.co.uk/ 


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