7 great reasons to get married in the heart of Europe

Destination weddings are a growing trend around the world. While the long haul exotic destinations are usually suited for a small wedding party only, you can take everybody to the central Europe. There are plenty of benefits to consider Czech Republic and Slovakia for your wedding abroad, here are just 7 reasons!

We all love bank holidays and long weekends. We start to plan trips immediately when there’s one coming up, well, why not get married and give your family and friends something special to do on one of them! Give them a present of new experiences. With low cost airlines and the short flight time it is really a perfect plan.

Today’s flights to the Czech Republic or Slovakia cost as little as £80 both ways from various airports across the UK. This is almost same as your train ticket into London! Hop on one of them and you will be at your wedding destination within 2 hours. Your adventure starts at the airport and you can share that summer feeling with your loved ones.

The Heart of Europe will find the way into your hearts. Prague, Brno and Bratislava are well known for being stunning and are some of the most romantic destinations in the world. There are many amazing locations, such as lakes, mountains and historical monuments waiting to become a perfect setting for your big day. There is also an advantage of having 4 full seasons which offers a range of colours to play around with.

Destination wedding in the heart of Europe is somewhat easier to plan. Hotels, villas, castles and other venues that host weddings are prepared for customers from abroad. English is widely spoken and the venues’ wedding coordinator will happily put you in touch with helpful suppliers. Some coordinators will organise it all. It is of course helpful to have a wedding planner with an office in the UK who is familiar with the country you are going in to. And with the cost of the wedding being half in comparison to UK prices, it is a more than wise decision to hire one. From then on you can just enjoy browsing through Pinterest and share your vision with your planner.

Both Czech Republic and Slovakia boost with historical hotels, castles and other stunning venues. Weather it is the Prague's views over red rooftops, Slovakian High Tatras or South Moravian vineyards, there is a perfect location for you. What might seem like an unachievable dream here is certainly a possibility over there.

There are full four seasons to be enjoyed in the Czech and Slovakia with a wide spectrum of colours coming through. Prices don’t change throughout the year so you can enjoy a middle of the hot summer wedding, a breezy spring, colourful autumn or white Christmas wedding. This is the great opportunity to make your dream day come alive.

Quality of the food and drink is really the last thing you need to worry about. The food is simply good, full of flavour and homemade hearty cooking found everywhere you go.  Both Czechs and Slovakians are great producers of all types of wine, that’s why you can afford to buy as much as you need for your wedding party. A bottle of blanc de blanc sparkling wine can be bought for as little as £3. And it is well known that Czechs produce the best lager, it is our pride and joy that the rest of the world enjoys with us!

So, what is stopping you to explore the heart of the Europe with us?

By Martina from Wonderful Events


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