Destination Wedding in India

Our new wedding planner in India, Tania Tapel, offers a really wide selection of wedding ceremony choices, including a cruise! Below are full details of the cruise on offer for non-residents wanting to get married in India. To book, please contact Tania Tapel.

Queen Of The Seas - Indian Destination Wedding Cruise

Imagine setting sail for the ultimate wedding fantasy? One of the highlights of the season that Tania-Tapel have embarked upon for Non-Resident Indians who want something unique is a bridal package on a cruise in India. A stylish cruise has now set sail in Indian waters offering a truly enchanting experience.

A day of joy - of elegant foods and fine wines, of music, of dancing, of memories, set, as in a storybook, aboard a luxury-cruising vessel gliding along unmatched views. The one-day you've dreamed about your entire life, planned to perfection by the perfect wedding planner!

Offering a 3-day high seas cruise with the romantic melody of the seas as the backdrop for your special occasion, what more could you want. A wedding package with all its ceremonial grandeur and the intimacy of personalised events for the entirety, gives you the perfect start to married life. From sanjee nights, to henna nights to Indian ceremony to reception evening - capture each occasion with style and uniqueness.

The cruise can take up to 500 guests with over 200 cabins to accommodate your guests in different category accommodation. Other activities can be arranged during down-time including cabaret shows, casino, Bollywood dance classes - a fun filled trip with absolute excitement for those who seek the thrill!

Planning a cruise wedding is one of the easiest destination weddings you can have. Whether you are looking for a formal or casual affair, we have the experience, the vessel, the staff and facilities to ensure your wedding day is a complete success.

With an award-winning international wedding planner on-board to take care of your every whim, it seems too good an opportunity to miss. Handling all your pre requirements, helping select menus for each event, to planning the detail, arranging your photography, and helping execute the occasion seamlessly, it seems you will be Queen of the Seas for the duration, and the memories of a lifetime created.

A cruise ship wedding is one of the most romantic and memorable ways for all of those you love to share your experience with you.

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