New destination wedding planners

We're delighted to welcome two new wedding planners to Marry Abroad. Cephalonia Concierge, based on the lovely island of Cephalonia in Greece, and Scaevola Travel based in the Maldives.

Cephalonia is one of the beautiful Greek islands dotting the Aegean Sea, and is famed for its turquoise seas and sandy beaches. Cephalonia Concierge arranges weddings in this lovely setting, with ceremonies taking place in quaint chapels, on luxury yachts, on sandy beaches or wherever your heart desires!

Couples looking for a wedding blessing in paradise need look no further than Scaevola Travel. Based in the stunning Maldives, they arrange enchanting ceremonies in the "jewel of the Indian Ocean". The Maldives are very popular as a honeymoon destination, so why not combine your marriage blessing with your honeymoon and spend even longer in Paradise!?


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