Top five Italian wedding venues (part 2) by Bestweddingaway

We continue our top 5 wedding venues in Italy chosen by Bestweddingsaway, with their top 2 venues. They're right, the venues are absolutely amazing!

Venue 2 -The Tuscan Tenuta, Tuscany
This venue is located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside near Arezzo.

What it has to offer
This estate is the family home of one of Italy’s most famous fashion houses. This family upholds the highest standards of the Made in Italy brand, and here at the Tuscan Tenuta the true “Made in Tuscany” can be experienced. For those who love the taste of tradition, for those who love luxury and comfort, for those who love simple elegance, this is the perfect location for a holiday or special event. There are various structures to meet every taste; apartments in the medieval village, and refined villas, furnished with every comfort and attention to detail, country farmhouses, immersed in vineyards and sunflower fields.
Each structure creates a distinctly diverse experience and atmosphere, but with one objective, to give their guests a moment of pure relaxation in an oasis of tranquility, far from the frenzy of everyday life…to show you good Tuscan living.

Why you should choose this place to get married
This venue is perfect for large or small groups. Refined elegance in a country estate backdrop. Experience true Tuscany with an element of sophistication and style. This venue allows couples to hire the entire villa so for smaller wedding parties of up to 25 people this venue can be very intimate and private. Aperitifs in the villa’s garden and dining on the terrace lends themselves to a distinguished and beautiful setting for a classy and charming event.

Services BWA can offer
This venue allows clients the possibility to organise special events such as wine-tasting, cooking classes, welcome cocktails parties and an informal barbecue the day after the wedding. A series of events surrounding the wedding day itself take the wedding party of a series of emotions as they encounter Tuscan hospitality and the Tuscan terrain.

The no. 1 Venue in Italy - Private Island, Lake Garda
Private Island on Lake Garda

What it has to offer
Imagine – for one whole day an island dedicated to your luxury wedding! This island owes its beauty to the exceptional Venetian neo-Gothic style villa, designed at the beginning of the 20th century. The villa is an impressive harmonious building, abundant in surprising architectonic details. It boasts a stunning  18th century painting by Carlo Carloni.  The villa was not the first construction on the island, monks had a monastery built, the remains of which accompany the charm and fascination of the island to this day. Below, the terraces and Italian gardens slope down to the lake. All around the vegetation is lavish and intact, rich in local, exotic plants and unique flowers. A tranquil wood of pines and cypresses, magnolias and agaves, acacias and lemon trees. The Private Island is magic and mystery.
This beautiful location of noble descent is loved and lived in by a family of Count inheritance. It is located on Lake Garda and is accessible only by boat. The Palace on the island is breathtaking. As you and your guests arrive by boat the villa situated on a hill peeps over the tree line to give you a taste of what is to come. A magical walk through the gardens takes you on a journey to the villa which excites all the senses, the sweet scent of exotic flowers, birdsong in harmony with the lapping lake waters and the cobbled path underneath the feet. Aperitifs can be taken in one of the beautiful gardens, a carpet of soft grass bordered by pristine hedgerows, the view is of the glistening lake waters , the warmth of the afternoon sun kisses your skin as you soak in the atmosphere of your luxurious wedding. Dinner is served in the beautiful ‘loggia’, a terrace which overlooks the beautiful gardens below and the south of the lake. Strong arches and columns are juxtaposed by elegant frescoes in pastel colours depicting heaven. In the evening as the temperature cools, lanterns flicker and create beautiful patterns and enchanting shadows  to lead the way back to your boat. Night waters soothingly lap on the boat and dots of light grow into lamps as you arrive at the mainland shore, the hotel porter awaits you and assists you in disembarking.
This location is perfect for groups of various sizes. However, if you are interested in a private, exclusive and intimate affair this location is also suitable for groups of even 5 or 6. For a day, become the Count and Countess of your own Manor!

Why you should choose this place to get married
Boats need to be organised to take you and your guests to and from The Island
This location does not have accommodation options on The Island. However, the family do own an agroturismo on land and there are many 4 and 5 star hotels close by with their own private jetties.
This location has a private church where symbolic ceremonies, protestant ceremonies and blessings can be held.
The garden is also a perfect location for symbolic ceremonies.
This venue can be hired by small and large groups.

Services BWA can offer
Beautiful boat trips around the lake.  This venue has its own private chapel which is perfect for blessings for those looking to add a religious element to their wedding ceremony. Lake Garda offers many different possibilities for the civil ceremony all a short distance from the island. Choose from castles, villas, lemon groves and outdoor events for the civil ceremony.


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